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Website and Mission Trip

We are so excited to bring a brand new Pavilion Village website online this month. This new website will allow our orphanage director, John Murage, to share photos, videos and his own blog entries directly with you. It is our sincere desire that this new website will allow you far more interaction with the staff and children of Pavilion Village.

We are also excited to announce our 2018 Mission Trip to Pavilion Village. The trip will take place over 10 days from May 24 through June 2. If you are interested in joining us for this once in a lifetime experience, please contact us as soon as possible. Here are a few of the tentative details:

Cost: $2100 + Airfare

Purpose: We will be working with the Pavilion Village Children’s Home and with the local Agape church (both are a part of the Patria family of ministries). We will be involved in limited construction projects, teaching and training leaders and ministering to the children. Specifics of the projects will be available closer to the time of departure, but there will be opportunities for involvement by people of all ages and both spiritual/natural skill levels.

Flights: Delta from BHM as of 2/20 $1,535 Delta from ATL as of 2/20 $1,219 Use of other airlines and departure cities are acceptable but it is preferable for traveler to connect with main team in Atlanta or Amsterdam. If not, arrival in NBO must be on Friday, May 25 and Departure from NBO must be no earlier than 9:00 pm Friday, June 2


Thu May 24 Depart BHM/ATL

Fri May 25 Arrive NBO (9:45 pm Local Time from BHM/ATL) Overnight in Nairobi

Sat May 26 Meet Children & Tour Pavilion PM Leadership Training Begins PM

Sun May 27 Sunday Services with Agape / Time with Children at Pavilion

Leadership Training & Projects Begin PM

Mon May 28 Continue Projects and Leadership Training

Tue May 29 Complete Projects and Leadership Training

Wed May 30 Wrap Up Remaining Project Details AM Depart Karatina for Samburu National Park

Thu May 31 Wild Game Safari at Samburu National Park

Fri June 1 Depart Samburu for Nairobi AM Depart NBO for Home PM

Sat June 2 Arrive BHM/ATL

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