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Funds given to Pavilion Village and designated for child sponsorship are used only for the children and their specific needs. 100% of every dollar given in this fashion is used to feed, cloth, shelter, educate and provide for the children living at Pavilion Village in Kenya.


Administrative costs (either on the American or Kenyan side) are minimal and often taken care of through other sources. Pavilion is dependent on undesignated contributions to cover the salaries of local staff and the minimal US and Kenyan administrative costs. While the cost of caring for a single child in minimal by US standards, it does include certain indirect items that are often taken for granted. These costs include items such as the following: gasoline for vehicles used to transport the children, pick up food and other supplies and handle emergency situations; maintenance of the children's living facilities; school fee, books and uniforms; costs associated with the care and maintenance of food producing crops and livestock; field trips and other cultural experiences; participation in school and 

community clubs and programs (such as Kenya Scouts), and employment of supervisory staff (house parents) and part time social workers (as required by the Kenyan government) to help the children deal with the challenges of being orphaned and its lingering effects. 


Special projects are items that are necessary to help provide for the long term care of this group of children, however, their effects are deemed sufficiently remote that they are not paid for out of "sponsorship funds". Special projects include items such as: Building new structures for both the children and staff; purchase of vehicles used by the orphanage; income producing projects that will eventually help make the facility self sustaining. The ministry cannot be maintained without projects such as these, but integrity and financial accountability dictate that these items be classified differently so that our donor's are fully aware of how funds are being utilized.

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