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Our Story:

The Birth of a Dream

January, 2005 -  a team from Birmingham, Alabama travels to Nanyuki, Kenya and is overwhelmed by the plight of the city's street children.  Upon return to the United States plans are immediately set in motion to obtain property and open a children's home in East Africa.  Harry Coates becomes the first donor to financially contribute to the vision and insures that the project will go forward.

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Pavilion Village is caring for more than 35 children.  You can support what God is doing in these children through you prayers but also by means of your financial contributions.

Pavilion Village is filled with the sounds of family.  You can join us in pouring into the lives of these children by participating in a short term mission trip to Kenya and working at the Home.

Pavilion Village is alive with the voices and laughter of children who are filled with joy.  Once abused, neglected and abandoned, these children now believe that they have hope and a future. 

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Pavilion Promo Video 1

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